What are your Covid Secure Procedures?

We are taking your safety as well as the safety of our staff very seriously. Due to the size of our shop we are only allowing 2 people in at one time. There is hand sanitiser available upon entrance and we encourage our customers to wear a face covering whilst shopping.

All our food dispensers are sealed when not in use so no food is left open, they are designed for refill shops and are approved by food safety standards.

The majority of the food is stored in either gravity bins or scoop bins.

The gravity bins are a continuous pouring system meaning that the food fills the container straight away so no need for food to be handled by customers, the scoop bins have their own scoops to avoid cross contamination.

High touch areas are sanitised regularly throughout the day.

Jars for spices and teas have the option to use a clean utensil for single use, these are washed and sanitised after each use.

Staff handling of the food, due to allergies it is common practice to wash and sanitise hands before and after handling of food, we ensure that we do not handle the food directly and use utensils to fill the containers.

How does it work?

Simply bring any container with you, we will help you weight the container first and make a note of the weight and then once that is completed you can fill up with the goods you need and then once filled we will weigh again minus the weight of the container. We then charge you for the goods only. We do have paper bags for you to use if needed.

Whats our ethos?

We put the planet and your wellbeing first. We consciously source products that are vegan, plastic free, environmentally friendly and have a low carbon footprint.
Whilst we strive to cover as many of these as possible we work closely with brands as they continue to making steps towards being more sustainable.

What are your opening hours?

Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm

Mondays, Sundays & Bank Holidays Closed