06 Mar

As lock down begins to lift and things are seeming to return back to something that resembles normality I wonder which “normal” we will return to? For me lock down has been a journey of ups and downs but it has been a golden opportunity to address how I treat my life, the people around me and also the planet. I think we can all say that as we go for our daily walks that nature seems to be thriving more than normal. Is it actually thriving more or are we simply just noticing? I think after weeks of seeing reports of clear waters, pollution levels dropping and forests growing again we can all agree that Mother Nature is having a chance to restore. So what if we collectively make small changes in our life we could save the planet and ultimately ourselves? Could this give us a more healthy, fulfilling life to be able to spend more time with the people we care about doing the things we love. How about we all take a slightly slower pace in life and just see what changes that may bring. So I ask the question; How much of old normal do you want back? Join me for next month’s article where I will be giving you a few simple tips of how you can make some sustainable changes.

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